😧 How long for this kind of life do I have? N: I hope you will have another 20 years... at least D: Don't be silly, you know what my question is. What did the people say I will live for? N: Oh.. ok 9-18 months. So based on what they told us, you have 5 months to go. You'd better prove them wrong. D: I believe I have at least 6 times 1 month. N: Isn't it easier to say 6 months? D: I guess so.... LOL Let's see how we have travelled so far.... 4 August 2011 MRI - brain tumour found 8 August 2011 SURGERY 11 August 2011 Confirmed GBM, we were told we had 9-18 months on average. 29 August 2011 - STARTED CHEMO-RADIOTHERAPY 9 November 2011 (3 months) Scan - Unclear, residual from radiotherapy, brain swelling 17 November 2011 - STARTED TEMODAR CYCLE 11 January 2012 (5 months) Scan - good, no regrowth 7 March 2012 (7 months) Scan - discovered the regrowth, we were given: - 2-3 months if he does nothing - 6-9 months depends on chemo and response 10 April 2012 - STARTED CLINICAL TRIAL 10 May 2012 (9 months or 2 months after recurrent) Scan - second tumour found, original tumour site looked better. 6 June 2012 (10 months or 3 months after recurrent) Scan - second tumour had grown bigger, original tumour site appeared to be stable. 29 June 2012 - STARTED AVASTIN 3 August 2012 (12 months or 5 months after recurrent) Scan - second tumour had grown bigger, original tumour site looked good. 10 August 2012 - STARTED AVASTIN + CARBOPLATIN 17 September 2012 (13 months or 6 months after recurrent) Scan - second tumour is now twice the size within 6 weeks, original tumour site is fine. No more chemo. Radiotherapy and surgery aren't an option.
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