Hello to you all in this world of cancer where we were immersed before the love of my life passed away on 27th July 2012. It has taken me this long to be able to write this. I was prompted to do so because I have just found out from my neighbour that his 22 year old darling girl has been diagnosed yesterday with cancer also. My husband had small cell lung cancer which had metastised to his liver. He fought very hard and I can say we had only one week at the end where his breathing became very difficult and we had to go to hospital and be on oxygen. Before this he had had lots of chemo and some pci to the brain. He died a very dignified death with oxygen available and morphine to take over when this was not enough. There was no pain and I know now there does not have to be. It was a relief to my family to know that he would never be gasping for air or in pain. He is at peace now "my irish hero" I will miss you every day of my life. We were married for almost 42 years. This year as with every one in the future I have bought him an anniversary card for our 42nd anniversary. I will buy one every year in the future because I believe we are still married....its just he is in a different place. Rest in Peace my love until I come to you. Love Jeaneil.
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