Today a subcutaneous pump was put in, to give constant morp/maxalon & clonazepam. 4 seizures today alone. Before the pump was put in, he was holding my hand, then reaching out & flicking the top of my skirt, then picking at a bit of tape on the bed rail- the brain injury is becoming more and more apparent. I decided tonight was the night to write his eulogy. I needed to have a cry, and then be able to go & lay with him and hear him snore. Is it strange that I want to record his snoring.... so I can listen to it in the future. I came across this blog which is so true & I thought I would share it with the widows & widows to be.
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with you and wishing you strength and peace. would love to give you a hug,,, sending you a virtual one. Thanks for sharing.
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I'm with you Melanie, and sending big strong hugs. I so get the 'recording the snoring' thing- I was thinking of doing the same at one stage. I think you should do it, and even if you never play back the recording, you'll know you have it. lots of love, Emily
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:_( love him up...and hold him ...I'm so sorry ...
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Oh Hun, sending you much strenth and courage Xo
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I'm so sorry Melanie...
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