Today I realised that life is too short. All the things I took for granted. The time I had and not taking the chance to get to know you. To have those funny moments that I can remember you by when you're gone. Twenty three years were the time I was given to get to know you. I took it for granted, for that I'm sorry. Deep inside, I hope you know I love you. I feel like I have forgotten how you used to look before you got sick. I'm terrified at that thought because I don't want to remember how you look now. I want to remember you, the real you. when you were healthy. Every time I look at you now, I search for your old self in your eyes. Because I feel like I'm losing a part of you each day... You are not your old self anymore. And I'm sorry for being so selfish. It hurts to see you suffering so much. I'm so sorry that you have to suffer. Life is just so unfair. Life is just about timing isn't it? We are all sentenced for a time in this world. Whatever comes must go. I accept that, but why? why the suffering?
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