I feel so guilty because it has been a long time since I have been on this site and I so wanted to be able to share my journey bit by bit in the hope it would help even 1 person.Anyway that wasn't to be so I am here now and think I can finally share,I had my surgery on the 30th August to have my rectal passage removed,part of my bowel removed and to have a stoma made to have a permanent colostomy. I don't remember much about the first few days other than the epidural didn't work and it took a couple of days to finally find a nurse who called an anaethetist to check, having done that I was put on a morphine pump and the days just went by. I was able to come home on the 4th September and I felt okay still sore but okay. Then it happened something I knew nothing about both my stomach and my back passage wounds broke down so with a 20cm long and 16cm deep back passage wound it was off to emergency and back into hospital.After 2 more operations to clean out the wounds it was decided the only way to heal these woun
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