i havent been on here in a while.. update: i married the love of my life.. despite him feeling sick and being in hospital just days before he did so well and we had a lovely day... now his liver is failing.. just two weeks after the wedding.. he sleeps a lot and doesnt eat really... the dr said weeks.. WEEKS?! i was in shock.. we all are 😞 i dont know if im ready for this.. i somehow need and want relief from this waiting around watching him in so much pain but i never ever want to say goodbye... he is depressed and pushing his mates away.. they came to visit and i felt so much better having that support there but he just yelled at me and stayed in his room until they left :( this is hell.. i honestly thought we had been through the worst of it.. his belly is big and his eyes are yellow.. my handsome new husband.. this isnt fair! im scared of waking up and he'l be dead next to me.. they say he'l slip into a coma.. that scares me him not being able to respond.. its breaking my heart watching my guy die... how will this ever make sense?
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