I have been diagnosed with stage 4 inoperable lung cancer which is subject to migrate. Makes a fellow wonder. The treatment plan is radiation followed with chemo, In the interim of all this my employer realizes and recommends to me that I should consider retirement. As of the 15th of August I am retired. And seemingly "In A Minute" became honorably  accepted into the community of senior citizenship. Literally

saying I fit the mold. In a few short weeks I have lost  my enjoyable energy levels . And have noticed my 

strength has diminished. I picked up my guitar the other day thought I might find my thoughts. The strength in my left hand, the one I use to make chords and finger the fret board. has weakened to the point it requires a serious attention to grip. In order to get some clarity from the strings. I think I can manage with a few daily  exercises.

This is becoming a challenge to comprehend.  And the one thing that confounds my thoughts the most.

I have never felt comfortable worried about me. I have been in the service of others all my life.  Today it seems that I may not be fit to continue in the way I am familiar with towards offering the helping hand.

There is much to do as I see it. Rainbow trout need to know I am still a threat and will stay close to the waters that be. There are countless camp fire to discover


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