Not sure about the approach to navigating these pages. I'm writing here to express myself. Perhaps in hope it may even in a small way contribute something to brighten the moment of another. As I believe we as people are destined to inspire those around us. To encourage a positive way forward in life. In this circumstance, one might pause to  evaluate the challenge of cancer. What's next? Why, what happened?

There is a host of speculative answers I can imagine. Environmental, genetics, life style choices and in the interest of science, the laws of natural selection. all  of the above  are viable towards understanding the possibility of cause.  When we humans entered into the world of industrialization. We wandered into to the unknown. In the sense of process. And left behind years of toxic blunders. Evident to this very day, In the quest for a better life, economic gain, and even medical research. The scars of our endeavors are oozing toxic waste known to trigger cancer. This is all reflective of our blinded efforts to advance our path forward to a better way of life. We know this to be true today. And we should learn from our mistakes. Furthermore clean up the mess. 

I am not well versed in genetics. Though  have to realize there are many factors involved that can alter our individual biology, from generation to generation. Science is on the leading edge of unwinding the wander of DNA sequencing. And correcting the code to write cancer out of the chain.

Then lets look at the effects of life style. Which is known to carry over genetically. Especially through our choices to indulge in habits that seem to make us at the very least momentarily feel good in the immediate short term. It could be our desire for the gratification of fast food, high sugar content beverages. Or even worst, artificially sweetened beverages and food. And the list is long with tobacco, drugs. Healthy life styles have for years been neglected. We have been more interested in the immediate gratification of taste. Rather than the benefit of healthy choice.

And mother nature. Let us never ever forget we are creatures of this earth. And the laws of natural selection do apply to all of us. Thus cancer can be a controlling factor in how nature screens for genetic excellence. This can be remedied through science as we unlock the codes to isolate the genes.


And finally as a God fearing Christian, I do ask myself how God figures into all of this. 

I believe God wants us to learn and grow. He did give us from the very beginning. The freedom of choice.

With choice come consequences. Some good and some not so good. Example. Sugar substitutes, we have learned  some cause cancer. Yet the product is still on the market. As are cigarettes. Generally the first one won't kill you. But over a life time it seems those things cause cancer.

Now God being God, nothing is beyond His divine ability.

He could have chosen to make a perfect world for us. No challenges, no obstacles, no sickness. Happy all the time. No sorrow. From what we know we can't figure the thoughts of God. But He has said much about His being and His intentions and will. I'll put my hope and faith in that.

Meanwhile I am experiencing the consequences of chemo therapy. Wow, very uncertain and honestly fearful. As there are no guarantees. There are known side effects. Some of which are extremely obnoxious, debilitating. I question my choice to go forward with the treatment. As I am already sick with the cancer. Now I have to choose to get even sicker with the chemo, with the idea of hope it will in the long run greatly improve the quality and longevity of life on earth for me.

I'm at a cross road, I'm asking of the Dr. the questions I feel are important. I want resolve to this cancer. I want to feel better. Especially I want to feel better to the point of enjoying life, feeling life, experiencing life, living live. In doing so it is my desire to hope the best for all and contribute in as much as I know to enhance the lives of those I may encounter in the wander. God Morning from the PNW, USA



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