have just been diagnosed 6th April 2017. Has anybody opted to not have treatment. I'm afraid of going through everything just to find it has spread. At this point i do not feel sick. Maybe I'd prefer less time but more healthy time.

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Hi Julie,

My heart goes out to you.  At the moment I'm just finished radiation (after surgery then chemo). None of it was fun, and the side-effects are serious, but they tell me, statistically, it will give me a longer life. 

All I can say from my experience is to get all the information you can about treatment options. Ask your health professionals to quantiify how much longer you are likely to live if you take the treatment they are offering.

If possible, consult another professional for a second opinion, and be sure to read the Cancer Council's phamplet on complimenatary therapies.

Whether you accept any treatment offered depends on a whole host of personal factors such as age, general state of health, family and relationships. 

Best advice I can give is take your time - don't be rushed into anything. 
There's an excellent book by Professor John Boyages called "Breast Cancer - Taking Control" that I recommend you get your hands on if possible.  

All the best for your future decisions.



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