Hi my name is Colin,


I recently stopped working to take care of family members that were diagnosed with prostate and lung cancer. They have lost their appetites and their tastes have changed quite significantly.


I cook at home for them but i am just asking for opinions here on what i can feed them?


They currently seem to enjoy the occasional lunch out at a restaurant, is this recommended?

I have also stocked up the freezer with frozen foods so they have easy access to food when i am not around, is this an ok alternative?

What are 3 favorite foods that you like to eat? What are 3 things that you do eat? And what are 3 things that you wish you could eat? What is the single best food you eat? Any snacks and drinks that you consume regularly that i can also buy for my aunties?


I'm trying my best to make their lives as easy as possible, by cooking and cleaning up for them, but what else can i help them with?

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