Hi my name is Colin,


I recently stopped working to take care of family members that were diagnosed with prostate and lung cancer. They have lost their appetites and their tastes have changed quite significantly.


I cook at home for them but i am just asking for opinions here on what i can feed them?


They currently seem to enjoy the occasional lunch out at a restaurant, is this recommended?

I have also stocked up the freezer with frozen foods so they have easy access to food when i am not around, is this an ok alternative?

What are 3 favorite foods that you like to eat? What are 3 things that you do eat? And what are 3 things that you wish you could eat? What is the single best food you eat? Any snacks and drinks that you consume regularly that i can also buy for my aunties?


I'm trying my best to make their lives as easy as possible, by cooking and cleaning up for them, but what else can i help them with?

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I have the same problem. My taste buds completely changed. I have mostly pasta frozen meals like spag bolognese. My son makes me smoothies when I cant stomach much. Light savoury stuff is things that I tolerate. Also noodles but nothing to spicy incase they suffer heart burn. 

Your doing a wonderful job!

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Thank you Tracey, you are amazing and thank you for your imput. Any bit of information that i can gather from existing troopers help A LOT. Bless you.

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i never felt like eating a lot but i did like pavlova i preferred microwave food as i was either very sleepy or felt nausea nothing spicy sandwiches was always a blessing with a cuppa it is easier to make yourself eat a small meal than if you put a big dinner plate in front of you if your not hungry it turns you off pretty quick seeing a big meal in front of you i had lung cancer twice both times i was same with food felt full most the time i was my son nightmare caring for me lolgod love him

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Thanks for your reply Cheryle. You beat cancer twice? Jeez you are a trooper! :d Good work!

Thank you for your tips, i have discovered that small meals are key at the moment.


Just out of curisoity, did you prefer things like sandwiches, perhaps scrambled eggs and toast because thats what was easier for your son to make?

Would you have prefered something a little more extravagant providing he could perhaps bring some home, obviously with smaller portions of course.

Im trialing and erroring at the moment, would be good to get a different perspective on things.


Your son in a gem 🙂

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Hi all,


A friend of mine has started a free service for my aunties and after some discussion, they are happy to help cook for others also.

He's a chef by the way.


If anyone is interested, message me and i can put you in contact with them.



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