Lymph nodes were not cancerous.I'm glad I didn't worry because it would've been a waste .On Monday week I am having my next MRI. The December one was ok and I decided not to worry about this one.I really feel that it will show no cancer and if it does it will be dealt with and worrying beforehand will achieve nothing. I am even surprising myself with such a positive attitude. All my negativity is only to do with my altered facial appearance.
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Hi SILLY Great news! Good luck with the MRI. Positiveness can go a long way - it helps you to feel better about stuff - no matter what the 'stuff' is! BTW: I've been an RN for 20+ years, and in the past when I worked in hospitals, occasionally confronting realy serious illness and trauma - if someone's injuries were confronting to me, I just focused on their eyes - I think it was some Greek philosopher dude that said 'the eyes are the window into the soul', or something like that. All the best Richard
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