Friday was my 2nd dose in round two of chemotherapy in the last 2 years. I am not sure how I am feeling at the moment as my Dr has told me that if they can not see the Chemo working after two doses then the hospital will not approve any more due to costs. 😞 I am trying to stay positive and strong for my children but my fears are all starting to come back and I find myself thinking "WHAT IF" ... what if it doesnt work, what if they tell me there is no hope. I am scared and feel like no one understands. My family do all they can to help me and are always there but I just have no one to talk to who understands my fears. And i feel horrible thinking "STOP SAYING THAT" when people say " u will be fine, ur ok, dnt worry, ur strong" right now I feel weak and scared and alone. I just need to vent 🙂 and hope that it's ok to do it here xx thank you
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