Hi, Ten years on, you'd think uncertainty - would be nothing new! The shifting sands of life, should be something I'm used to, but it would be nice to feel settled for a while. There have been times of feeling temporary "stillness" I guess, but not in a place where I wanted to feel settled. I just needed to move from one rental property to another (chances of taking out a mortgage since cancer diagnosis are very slim), then 5 days after the move, I fell off the side of a 2inch concrete ramp, whilst walking to work (I didn't realise it was a ramp!!) smack straight on to concrete - v.sore right knee and sprained left ankle, so have been coping with crutches!! Work contract likely to be shortened due to "off-shoring" of processes and internal restructure. Absence was not seen in a good light! Family support non existent. Friends are tired of the "constant" hiccups in life... Thankfully I have a strong faith and am sure, something better will be around the corner, each time I hit a low, something turns up, to rescue me, so trusting in God and being thankful that I didn't break a hip or shoulder in the fall! "Rant over". Stress just catching up with me! I really do have so much to be grateful for!
G'day! Wow!! A lot to cope with there. It is quite difficult to spot the "silver lining" as it were, but it is so important to try. Somedays it is all you can do to just put one foot in front of the other........but what an achievement that is on those 'hard work' days..... I hope you have a bit of smoother sailing ahead!! PA
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hi SamR This is not a surprise to me when family aren't supportive but when they have cancer they will have another opinion. They wouldn't know what to do when it happens - over night. Glenys 0
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Hi Thanks for the support! I had a great weekend, learning about Ignatian Spirituality, it was very relaxing, centring and sustaining. As with everything, the bad things get easier or you get used to them, thankfully, I am able to walk in the office with one crutch now! S
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