Nigel has his first MRI scan tomorrow since he finished radiation & chemo Dec 12. Meeting scheduled with the review team on the Tuesday to review the scan. Fingers crossed all goes well. I have noticed over the last few weeks a decline in Nigel. Not sure if this is still a hangover from the radiation. Nigel is weaker, his short term memory is bad and generally tired more . One positive is that I can still hold a good conversation with him. Trying to reduce Dex down to 4mg, but oncologist and endochronologist disagree with one another. The joys of doctors. Cheers Trish
Hi Trish my husband, Stuart, is having an mri tomorrow too. He was dx Sept 2010. He has declined so much now he is in a nursing home and we are having the mri to try understand why he is still here. It is cruel to see him like this, no speech, no mobility, incontinent. Enjoy your time together as much as you can. Hugs Terese.
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Good luck Trish and Terese for Stuart and Nigel. I can feel for your anxiety. The waiting is horrible but knowing is better. Then you can make a plan. Plans help me plan A plan B plan C.... Not saying plans work out all the time but they do seem to help me. Sometimes you know something is wrong and you are right and other times you think something is wrong and you are wrong. Then again sometimes you think all is well and you are right or wrong on that too. Two of the worst times for us it was not the GBM tumour but a fluid filled cyst growing and putting pressure on the brain. Jim was paralysed down one side for a couple of months. The operation to drain the cyst after that was like a miracle. He started to walk again and talk better. I believe the cysts can be associated with Temodal. We have been on Temodal for quite a long time except with a few breaks for different chemo drugs. best wishes Irene
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Wishing you all luck, every MRI has such an emotional build up, I hope the wait for results are not too drawn out. Min
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Thank you for all for your support and lovely comments. We did not receive the results we wanted. Nigel's tumour has returned and the radiation has just slowed the growth. We now have to make some life decisions as they feel another operation will not be good for Nigel. It would be his third if we did choose this option. Nigel is very accepting of the results as we knew that the tumour was growing. Very aggressive! We are 6 months into the journey and I know in my heart we will not make 12 months. If we do this will be a plus. What ever we do we will still fight it but we are very realistic with our goals. We see no sense in been angry. I know this part of the journey is going to get harder but with the support of family, this group and friends it will be a easier journey. Hugs to all. trish
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