Terrible traffic! All those school mums in mega-sized four-wheel drives picking up their progeny from exclusive private schools. Their erratic driving being between my oncologist and Dorovitch. Would I make it to the Dorovitch blood suckers before their due closing time of 4 pm. A quick glance at the back of the request form reveals that Dorovitch does not seem to inhabit the inner suburbs of Melbourne. Middle eastern suburbia here I come, if the mega-sized shopping buggies and school pick up conveyances will allow. First Dorovitch, five minutes to go and no staff - they have packed up early. Second Dorovitch, closing half an hour later, crowded, all clutching a number, all looking as if getting even a drop of blood from them will take forever. Fifteen minutes later the bleeder appears with a sign saying closed - loud murmur of protest produces the response - "I'll see all those with numbers". Another fifteen minutes and I am in, forms filled, Medicare slip signed, blood taken and out as the mobile protests with the Chief of Domestic Operations enquiring if I am OK as I was expected home long ago. Just to get a baseline blood result! I drive out into peak period traffic, well behaved and crawl home. Earlier that afternoon there was the unanticipated visit to the oncologist. Vague pains at midnight two week before had turned into serious pain at three in the morning. Last visit blood levels had come down so it was a case of review in three months. I have a habit of doing things like this - blood levels go up, start to come down and then the monster returns with a vengeance. Last time it was more androgen deprivation therapy then experimental radiotherapy. More Radiotherapy is out of the question now, so it is just the ADT. Another Zolodex implant. Blood tests today then again in six weeks, just to be sure it is still working. Review in three months, probably another implant then. Summer is a great time to be having hot flushes and mood sings. Menopause here I come again! (Here’s one for Harker - my spell checker want to change Dorovitch to Doro itch!) Sailor 20/10/2010 It is found that anything that can go wrong at sea generally does go wrong sooner or later Alfred Holt 1877
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