Hi Finally I have resigned ......I have moaned and stressed and worried as a lot of you will remember about what to do and agonised over making this decision for a very long time. I was treated badly by managers at my workplace and had a lot of problems but I didn't want to resign because I needed to hang on to my past - the past 'before cancer'. I thought that somehow if I could just keep doing what I had always done everything would be ok. But I have to now accept that this is not so - I have to move on - it is still hard and I am very nervous about my decision - the next few days, weeks, months will be strange, difficult but I am determined to make it work and 'Embrace my new Normal' So to all of you who have read my blogs about my struggle to make a decision and my whingeing about work, thank you for your advice, patience and understanding. I am off to Phuket with my son next month to create some happy, fun memories for him and for me. (My daughter and I spent time away together earlier this year) When I was first diagnosed and they sent me the 'My Journey Journal' I thought it was a bit strange referring to getting cancer as a journey - but that is exactly what it is - a journey full of highs and lows and ups and downs and we just have to keep going, stay strong and embrace life - just deal with a day at a time. My love to you all, Willow xo
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Go Willow!!! I'm so pleased for you. You sound so positive! Have a wonderful time in Phuket. mY thoughts these days are that you need to definitely create the memories. Np point sitting at home looking at "things". Of course you will be nervous about your decision to resign and maybe it is the beginning of the "new normal". I think part of my issues have been that I did just return to the same old job and the expectations were/are that everything is how it was.As we all know, that is far from the case. Once again, well done! And have an amazing and relaxing time. Soak up some sun for me! S
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Hi Willow I agree with S, you are sounding so much more positive and also stronger. Well done you! It is scary when our new normal starts to form and especially so I have found when something like employment comes into the scheme of things. It is such a huge part of our lives and can be rewarding on lots of levels or in your case not. The holiday sounds wonderful and I hope you both have a fantastic time! Julie
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Great words Willow, thanks, One day at a time and enjoy what we have now.
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