Hi all,


I hope you had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, mine was good and spent with family and friends.

I always treat it as if it will be my last as my docs didn’t think I would make it too Christmas 2017 let alone 2018, so the kids get spoilt but they do deserve it as they do so much for me.


My last blood test was ok with the white blood cells slightly going up and the platelets staying the same, so I completed my 17th cycle of increased chemo last week. The nausea was fine and the tiredness was there although it wasn’t as bad as the cycle before.


Its weird how it works, over the 17 cycles of chemo not one of them as been the same. It might be fatigue, nausea, my movement, bad taste in my mouth or even my tongue feeling numb.


Im starting to feel good now, but this cycle coming I will be giving it an extra 7 days and start doing 5/30 cycles from now on.


Take care


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