Hello all,


I completed my 18th cycle of Chemotherapy and looks like it will be the last one for a little while. During the chemo week and the one after I experienced a lot of nausea and tiredness, I also had really bad headaches but I put this down to my teeth being more sensitive than normal ( I hadn’t been to the dentist for a while because who goes to the dentist when they tell you, you only have 14-20 months left to live.) I also started to get bad leg shakes and then the dizziness started where I couldn’t go 2 meters without feeling I was going to fall over. My wife rang my neurosurgeon and I had an emergency MRI done last Tuesday, The MRI showed a tumour in my temporal lobe. The good news is it’s operable and I go into hospital on the 21st of Feb for removal on the 22nd.


The other thing is radiotherapy could happen again as the first two tumours were in the parietal lobe and the radiotherapy was given to this specific area.


Im more confident going into this surgery because with the first one my neurosurgeon said I think you will come out paralysed on your left side and on the second he said that I definitely would be paralysed . I’m still walking even it it is with a limp and I fall over sometimes.


Take care all, keep smiling and I will do a blog after the op.


Colin 👊🏻


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