morally what these people have done to me an my family and what I witnessed them alow one of ther tenants to do to ther cousin who was terminally ill was horrifying , no person should be treated that way ever,,  police have not listened to me and they've lied to protect there Tennant 2 days out of hospital land lord banging on door to work,, or he will have to get some one else,  2 days staples out after partial nephrectomy, kidney cancer left, no right born without,, jjstent in pressured me into drumsanding house he owned,, promised he would pay use when he sold a house no he is trying to force us out with violence before our termination date they will not pay use,  but has promised ther advisor he can purchase one off ther property's if he removes use,,  from one of his properties on AuburN Pde cringila  ,, pls help I've been consumed by this,, missed appointments,, trying to prove landlord is lieing has been hard due to the level of corruption oaround them these people may be old but they are the evilst manipulative people I've met I'm 50 an no angel but this past 3 months has been the worst experience in my life freezers full of rotten meat running on my electricity for 2 years they refuse to pay my father's 


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