Its been a while since ive been on here. I wrote a blog nearly 6months ago now about my partner who had GBM. He turned 25 on July 5th 2012 and we lost him on 15th Aug 2012. Ive never lost anyone so close to me. Everyday i think about him, and wish that he was with us. i go about my daily routine just like normal, but hes always there in the back of my head... Does this get any easier? Our daughter is 4, we celebrated her 4th birthday and our first christmas with her Dad and it has been so hard. I always tell her she can talk about Daddy whenever she wants, but I have found that sometimes she uses him against me. For example, the other day she put toothpaste in her hair and told me "daddy told me to" or when she is in trouble and throwing a dummy spit at me, she turns the cards and gets sad and says she wants daddy - and to me it seems a way to stop me being cranky at her. Has anyone else got young children who are grieving?
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I'm just so sorry for what you and your daughter are going through.. I'm not in your situation but can relate my own experience of when I was young...I remember it so well. My dad died when I had just turned 7. I remember I used to dream that mum had lied to me and that he may still be alive..I think that's because she decided it was better for my brother and I not to go to the funeral. I think it would have given me closure if I had gone...who knows.. But I also remember clearly using his death against mum if we had an argument. I'd do exactly what your daughter seems to be doing. I'd say 'my daddy wouldn't do this to me if he was here' and things like that, when I knew very well what I was saying. Your little girl is younger, so she may not be as calculating as I was!! :) All I can say is I wish you the best of everything and hope time eventually heals a little for you both. Xx
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