It's been 12 days since my husband and Father to my 2 kids has gone... Today I started to make the inevitable ph calls and now I just feel sad... He has gone, it feels more real today! Centrelink asked how old he was and I said 35... they sounded so shocked after I told them he fought hard for 7 months with stomach cancer. But at any age losing someone you love is always going to be hard. Some days I don;t want to be head of the household.. somedays I want someone to take care of me... But I have 2 little souls relying on their Mum now for everything... I am everything they have now.. It's lonely... but I'm sure there are rainbows coming... just keep looking up not down or I shall miss them. Thanks for all your messages of support.. you all deserve lots of cyber hugs!!! One day at a time...onwards I go ready to begin this new chapter in my life
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Dear Wifeyb I am sure the weight on your shoulders feels quite heavy right now. I wish you courage and strength for the days and years ahead. Having to make the calls is draining. It makes everything more real, raw and painful. This week I have had to make calls to tell our friends and extended family that Mum has stomach cancer (2 years after Breast cancer diagnosis - we thought had put the dreaded C behind us). I have found this gruelling so my heart goes out to you. You and your little ones will learn to care for each other. The smiles that your little ones give you are their way of helping out. Be strong. And when you're not feeling strong, you know where to find us.
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Knowing EXACTLY what dealing with centrelink is like and the weight that now burdens your shoulders... All I can do is ((((HUG))))) you and say "I understand". Jewel x
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how strong you are 🙂 your two kids will help you through this time.. you have some part of him still around. Thats very lucky 🙂 all the best xoxo
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