Hello, My name is Gillian (Gill). I lost my husband to stomach cancer in January this year. He was 40. We had a 14 month battle where we tried everything but unfortunately lost the fight. We have two children, Charlotte (6) and Tate (5). I am not sure why I am posting or what I am looking for - there is a loneliness that sets in at night which I am sure others can understand. I have plenty of friends who would come around for a chat. None of these replace my best friend, my mate, who I didn't need to talk to but was always there. That part of my life is missing, I know I can't replace him and I don't want to. I am not sure I have even grieved him going yet. I think the wall is still up - I still feel like I am talking about someone else's life. I am not sure I am ready to face the reality or the pain. Thanks for reading, Gill.
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