I'm currently sitting in my in-laws living room (in England),watching one of my favorite tv shows. My husband (19 months in remission from NHL) is engrossed in a facebook game, with one eye on the TV. He's waiting to hear back about a job interview he had today. (More on that below) It is such a tranquil time, and not something I could have imagined 2 years ago, while we were going through his chemo. I wanted to share it to hopefully encourage everyone who is currently doing it tough. The last few months haven't been unblemished (he got retrenched 10 days before we were due to go on his long service leave - 9 weeks overseas, over 4 countries), so I've had to learn the rude fact that the world continues to turn, even when I think it should stop. However, I'm also learning that we are able to join it again; I'm now picking up and following threads of my old life, taking them in new directions, and adding some new ones in as well. With great thankfulness and suprise, I'm able to say I'm happy.
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