Am trying this word on for size per se. Just to see how it fits in replacing "positive". Not that i dont want to be positive, i just dislike the connotations that it holds for cancer patients.
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I'm a fan of this idea =) I kinda get over the 'just remember to stay positive!' response from EVERYBODY lol. It's a good one, but it's really just the fall back line to an awkward topic. Kudo's Jules! New way of looking at things - We're determined!
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My oncologist gave me a paper titled 'the tyranny of positive thinking' about half way through my treatment when I told her I was sick of people telling me to stay positive. I though it was pretty good, but it may not be for everyone - here's a link:
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Thanks christine, so far so good with me and time will tell 🙂
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Hey stevec have just seen your link and its fantastic! Thanks for that. :) Julie
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