I have reached the time where Iam between radiotherapy and surgery. I am resting as well as I can until the next lot of MRI and pet scans to see if the tumour has shrunk. Then there is surgery. I spent over a week in hospital during the last week of radiotherapy. My body had a bad reaction to the chemotherapy and I was very ill. Now I am slowly improving and off the strong pain killers. My main problem is unbelievable fatigue.How does one cope during this time .? Sometimes it gets very hard to keep on being positive and I can hear myself getting a bit whingey .
Hi Jay may Fatigue is the body's way of coping with all the cell repair that it must do - to normal cells. A friend of mine described it as like walking with your head in a fog and your feet in treacle. Go along with your body and just rest. That's what it is telling you and that is the best preparation for the next phase. Hang in there and remember being positive is only for others, not for yourself. Whinge, scream at the moon, whatever you feel like doing. When others expect you to be positive tell them to b****r off! This time is for you and cell repair. BTW - there is no evidence that being positive leads to better outcomes. Cheers Sailor An incorrectly identified mark is a hazard, not an aid, to navigation. Alton B. Moody
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Fatigue can continue for a long time for some people . It's a bit different for everyone . Good advice from a wise man,Sailor .
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