2012 has been a huge year for myself and my finance - some great ups and many downs. We started the year announcing our engagement and were on top of the world. It is so hard to see how we ended up here. When I actually look back now I can see a clear picture of when my illness was arising. In Feb I attended the GP as I had been tired, losing stacks of weight and coughed up some blood. Being an ex-smoker the GP sent me for chest scans and on the first CT scan they found the lesion. After many months of tests and endless trips to Brisbane in April the diagnosis of lung cancer was confirmed. From the PET scan there were/are concerns of other places in my body - breast, back and a section of pelvic bone. I am currently recovering from a lobectomy (suregery done 2 weeks ago) where they removed the tumour. I am currently still awaiting a staging - as the bone test is still awaiting results. They are not fully convinced all those other areas are clear and will need to be regularly reviewed (test so far are inconclusive). I am struggling to stay positive atm as I await the bone results and the results to see if I need chemo or radiation. Every time my phone rings my heart skips a beat - wondering if it will be Brisbane calling with results. I am struggling being off work and not doing normal things. I am a social worker by profession and know all the things to help lift and improve my mood. However all of those things do not help when u are awaiting ur faith and future.
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