I of course cannot speak for everyone,but I can speak about my own young adult children,their friends and other families close to us going through the same thing.Cancer affects the whole family it affects the roles we all play in that family and I have found that children old enough to understand through their own pain and worry very quickly rally and take on an extra maturity.My own girls still continue to study which is difficult when your mum has cancer,they still continue to work part time to avoid any extra financial stress and they pick up as many jobs around the house as they can,vacumming,washing cooking etc,and on top of all this at least 1 of them at a time has attended all my medical appointments.As a mum you burst with pride at their courage and commitment,you worry for them at how their lives have changed,you cry for the normality they have lost and you often wish it could be different that they could worry less,study with a clear mind,enjoy their part time money for things they want and most importantly be young and free to enjoy their young lives.When you voice these thoughts you are quickly told that they are doing these things because they want to and they dont feel they are missing out on anything,that this is today and what we deal with and do today is our normal for now.So to all young adults and children out there taking on cancer with a family member loved one or friend and sharing that journey I say how proud I am as a mum and also say how proud you should all be of yourselves and your amazing strength and love and support you give.Tina
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