Hi. A BRIEF OVERVIEW OF MY HEALTH PROB I have had thyroid probs past 14yrs. Was diagnosed with autoimmune thryoid problem 2008, hasimotos with graves disease but some specialists say Graves disease as my symptoms were of both. However, I have had all my thyroid and associated affected tissue removed & 3mths on i still have immune problems with multiple swollen lymph nodes in my neck. A tiny papillary microcarcinoma thyroid cancer unencapsulated was removed and 6 close-by lymphs were removed thankfully benign on biopsy. Most Gps have made me feel tired and i have felt like giving up the argument - by keeping me going around in circles with little support! Most thyroid patients wish they could give a little of what they have to their evasive gps so they can truly understand how a body feels when it is chronically sick! MY QUESTION My real question is has anyone else had experience with this type of symptom associated with thyroid problems (or not)? TO FINISH OFF Most GPs (have) and will cast it off as chronic fatigue & i would like to believe it; i listen to my body and its needs and always have. I strongly feel swollen lymphs are a sign & reaction to a health problem; we were sure the lymphs would abate after surgery - this has not been the case. It feels for me that something else is happening inside my body that drs are not looking at or testing for and i am feeling truly frustrated with the slowness & warrant for further testing. Any opinions appreciated. thanks
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leeillawarra, I had my thyroid removed in February 2006, I had papillary thyroid carecenoma. Mine was completely contained and had not spread through the lymphnodes, I also Radioactive Iodine Abilation as a clean up (chemo type) treatment afterwards. I to have had pain and swelling in lymphnodes at times over the past 3 years when i am unwell (get a virus) but after surgery it took about a year for everything to settle down (scar tissue pain). Your tirdness is probably your oroxine levels, mine have been out on and off for 3 years and even slightly out my body knows it. I have been both high and low. I to know the painful process of getting drs to do anything or ract as they should, I" went 6 years undiagnosed and my husband almost lost his life wgen he spent 6 months undiagnosed with testicular cancer. If you suspect siomething is up i would first ask for full blood test, it can be othe fa tors like iron, magnesium ect. Then that will also indicate if there are other issues in the body...if so ask for a full body scan. Thats what we did with my hubby. Gps are always crap when it comes to thyroid issues you need a good endocronologist to manage you. I strongly urge that you get your thyroid levels checked, do you have anything else going on...cold alot or hot? heart pulpitations? difficulty concentrating?etc
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