I've been aboard the oxycontin slice of hell for many months now.... After my surgery it was necessary to deal with pain and then all the secondary pain from the cancer. It helped also once starting my chemoto manage all the side effects. I had gone up to 50mg a day and was becoming a zombie...... Once finishing my chemo my gp agreed I could start reducing my dose. So slowly I have been reducing my dose. I am now down to 10mg a day (high five to me) however it has been a hell of severe side effects. These withdrawal effects include: nausea, vommiting, stomach cramps, agitation, anxiety, flu like symptoms, aches and pains, lack of energy, insomnia. Next wk I drop to 5mg and will expect the side effects to become worse and dread the thought of once I have stopped. Luckily due to my clinical experience as a drug + alcohol consellor I know what is to come once I've finished...... Withdrawal effects can last 2wks to 8wks. I really wish someone would have gone through these withdrawal affects prior to commencing! Now my husband understands why i fought so hard to not start them.....but when the pain became unbearable I gave in.... So its going to be a joyful few wks to month ahead. BUT Once its done I am heading back to work in feb with a new found level of wisdom. :) "Turn your wounds into wisdom" Oprah Winfrey
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