Hi there I would love to have contact with any other people dx with this I was dx in 2007 Peritonectomy in 2009 Recurrence in 2011 2nd peritonectomy scheduled may 2012
I am about to have a peritomectomy in a month or two. surgons have to organise themselves & the large theatre. I live in Brisbane and have found it hard to contact anyone who has had this operation. I have many questions to ask the surgon at our next meeting as I have only had the first meet where we were told what opp I needed. our next meeting is on the 27th. I still have to find the exact word for the type or whatever for the peritonectomy, the surgon just said use that word to describe the opp. I had my appendix removed in sept 09 where they discovered the cancer, then had a right hemicolectomy in Nov 09. So now on the the next procedure .... Not a nice one from my research ... Any information & people who are survivors or partners of survivors will be greatly appriceated. Hope you go well with your next procedure :-) Stitch
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Diagnosed 2011, peritonectomy 2012.
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