what a mess we saw yesterday at Crawford House. the storm really took its toll on the place with damage all around the grounds and peoples car's were a real mess. just want to let you all know that we are thinking of you all. cheers Linda
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Hi Linda I was at charlies yesterday and it was a total mess and a bit smelly with all those wet carpets. I felt for the people that work there and also the ones that had damaged cars, saw a few of those also. Julie
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Hi Julie the reason i called in was to give them a signed cricket ball from Glenn McGarth. Glenn came to a Elders day with staff and i asked him to sign me a ball for them to raffle or just keep. perhaps now that ball might came in handy, you never know. i hope they got the place cleaned up ok. cheers Linda
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Hi Linda Thats fantastic re the ball ... sorry have been meaning to reply to this one for ages. When i stayed at Milroy i donated a heap of things (face creams and such that i can buy wholesale) and they raffled it off for melby cup i think. Plus they stuck some wine and other bits that people had donated. The woman that won it got a nice basket full of goodies. Julie
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