Hi Just a quick question? Is anyone having any problems with the site recently? When I log on it says in the right hand corner that I am logged on but when I move from maybe the home page to the blog page it then shows that I am not logged on and I can no longer access the site properly? Can't really explain what I mean. I have also noticed that I sometimes log on and things are not as they were before.....no I am not 'crazy' - I am just having a problem explaining what I mean. Anyway ....maybe it is my son's computer? Or maybe I am a bit nuts......:>) Hope you all have a nice weekend. I'm in Melbourne and it is going to be a hot one. Kind regards, Willow xo
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Hi Willow, Call me "nuts" too 🙂 I experience the same problem using the old computer at home but not with the computer at work. I discovered that if you return to the main screen and click on the box named "Log In" (located under your username and password) you are then returned to the current blogs. For me, the problem occurs when I select "Home" on the persons blog, I then have to click on the "Log In" box again but if I choose "Home" in the blue area (located under the heading Cancer Connections) I am returned to current blogs without a problem. It seems the better choice is to navigate thru the "Blue Area"! Like my highly technical computer terms? :-) Hope that makes sense and helps you with this site. Enjoy your weekend Willow. Reindeer xx
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Hi Guys, This happened to me last year. I had to clear out my temporary files on my computer. Once I did that, it worked well. Our computers get clogged sometimes with all our temporary files.
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Ha ha ha. Just have to laugh. Yes, I have the same problem, thought it was just me, and yes love the "technical" terms too. Just gotta love this.
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