Hi Back in May 2012 I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, folowing the diagnosis I had a whipples procedure and after a two month break I had six months of chemo. In the middle of January I was given the all clear. I know I have a long way to go to become a long term survivor, but I know Im in a lot better place now than I was last May. I have always swung towards alternative therapys, but in this case I knew I didn't have the luxury of being able to try alterrnative therapy's first.I used all the medication that was offerd to me to help with all of the symptons that we have all experianced on this journey called cancer. I also used a complementary therapy called Reiki which us commenly refered to as a form of energy used for healing. For me this cancer has been an intensly personal journey as I would imagine it would be for anyone who has had or has cancer. And to be honest I often felt that I had little or no control of that journey. Reiki for me was one of the few things That I felt as though I had some control over as I was and am familiar with it's energy, it gave me some solace that I was having some imput into the healing process that was taking place at the time. I must stress that I am not trying to promote Reiki, but I just wanted to briefly share one of the things that helped me. And I certainly dont want to take a way all the hard work that the Surgeons, Doctors,and Nurses put in to get me to this point. Just writing this blog has been good therapy for me,maybe some one else would like to share something that has helped them in their journey as well. Ian
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