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Dear Budgie, thank you for commenting on my post. The scars from my operation look very healthy but are still sore and I have had many blood tests and all seems fine. My biggest problem is the pain in my breast and in my ribs and on looking at a UK site it seems quite common to have a lot of pain after a lobectomy. I agree with you that I need stronger pain killers and I will make an appointment with my GP as you suggested. I guess I’m pretty uptight as everything has happened so suddenly and now I have heart problems also and I have palpitations and breathlessness which doesn’t help. Thanks again Budgie for your reply and I’ll let you know what happens. Best wishes, Rikki.

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Hi Rikki ,


Yes, please do keep me posted.  I totally understand you being uptight.  Its not nice worrying about your heart on top of everything else.  I had to wear a Holter  monitor last week, as I was having episodes of AF.   It is scary.

I hope you get some GOOD pain relief.




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