Been in hospital since Weds morning. Rocked up to chemo and they admitted me, could hardly walk, aenemic, and dehydrated. Ended up with 3 units of blood that night and lots a saline. Home late this afternoon (Friday). Have a mouth full of ulcers as well. LOL Just all the little things. Results of tests were stable, no more new growths or lesions,It hasn't spread anywhere else they can see and one or two may have shrunk slight on the liver. So I consider that reasonably good news. The specialist came and saw me in the ward. He wants to review the actual scan himself with the radiologist and will see me again in 2 weeks.He seems to be very thorough.I actually have a week off the chemo, so not attached to anything at all at home at the moment. A strange feeling to get used to because I have had the 5FU bottle attached 24/7 for the last 13 weeks now. Will be having another Gastroscope in the next week or so as well. My legs a little better today, very marginally. But if that little bit better happens each day then after a few days I will feel much better, here's hoping. Here's to a new day tomorrow. Cheers Vicki
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Hey Vicki Anne That is good news. 🙂 I hope your ulcers and other side effects start to get a little better now that you are having a break from chemo. Thanks for letting us know, had been wondering how things were going for you. Take care Julie
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Good news,all the positives make for a new day everyday,good to hear. TC Dave
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Hi Vicki Anne, The 5FU for 13 weeks constantly - you are a champ!! I struggled with it for 3 days every 2 weeks. At least I got a break from the constant beeping and tangling up.(Getting a bra on was always the hardest thing to accomplish successfully). If you can stand it, try to have someone gently rub your feet and if it isn't too hot, some soft cotton socks always helped me. Even last night my feet were irriating me (I'd had a huge day at school on my feet) and I resorted to socks at 2.00am.Also try , if you can, laying on your back on the floor with your feet and legs up a wall. A yoga standby and it helped me a bit too. Glad the scans are positive. Hang in there and take care of yourself, S
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