I've been at the royal melbourne hospital since 8.30am, it was a long day indeed. It had to be that way however cos it was my first day of a new round and I had a new chemo drug to be introduced to - it's called Cisplatin and it hasn't really changed since they started using chemo to treat cancer. It's some nasty stuff and I'm not feeling too good, right now. What bothers me the most isn't the nausea or the fatigue, it's the fact that I can't use my brain the same way I did yesterday. I'm a writer and the fact that after chemo I can't find the word I want to use (and NO tapping on my head doesn't work.) I can't spell like I used to and I can't seem to stick to the point. The WONDERFUL nurses on the day ward today told me it was commonly referred to as 'Chemo Brain.' Now what really matters about today is the nurses. No matter how much trouble I have with doctors treating me like a number or treating me with prejudice I NEVER experience this with the nursing staff. They are ALWAYS friendly, reassuring, kind, factual and they come back when they say they will WITH the information they said they'd get.. They work so hard and give you that little bit extra when you know they are tired and want to get home - so thanks to the nurses...You make a horrid situation a little easier to bare... Good luck to anyone in treatment at the moment... Brooke.
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