This morning as I woke up I realised how many pills I am currently taking and wonder the long term affects of these on my liver, kidneys, heart and my mental health. - Panadol (to keep temp down) - Omeprazole (reflux) - Oxycontin (pain management after surgery) - Multivitamin - Pramin (nausea) - Antibiotic (to stop chance of infection). What makes me laugh is these pill should make you feel better but are plagued with heaps of side effects that u must grin and bear - dizziness, diarrhoea, headaches, nausea, muscle aches and pains. So the DR's and specialist say "here take this to get better". But I say "Take a pill to help and then take this pill to help with the side effects". Don't get me wrong - I am grateful that these medications do help and I am aware they are necessary. But nobody asks or explains the side effects of the medications that are prescribed; if you want to know you must research it yourself. And my GP thinks I should start an antidepressant because I seem sad with my diagnosis of cancer. Of course I am sad - I am young, have had a major life change, have ceased working, am broke, struggle to make it fortnight to fortnight, see the strain this diagnosis has put on those I love, I was once very independent but am dependent on others. So yeah I might be a bit depressed but it is in context - so I just want to let my emotions be as they are without another medication to take everyday.
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