I don't think there is anything positive about GBM. Having to be positive I try to focus on the good side of it. Let's see how many I can come up with. - Getting stronger after being knocked over again and again and having to rise and ready for the next day. - Good exercise for my brain, having to do research and reading about the new area that I didn't go to the uni. for. - My partner spends more time with his family. - I don't put on weight even I eat and drink well quite often.
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Hi Peanutz, sorry to hear about your partner, I try not to be negitive to people but everyone seems to get told that the first scan after their operation maybe something from radiation treatment only to find out on the next MRI it was a tumor, and have your hopes dashed, wish they would be honest with people. There is a positive in all this, you get to send time with him, there are laughs as well, I keep everything simple, he can cope with simple conversations and daily things, otherwise they get confused and annoyed and it is not worth the hassle to either of you, as we have done all our paperwork, wills tranfer of car, boat, funeral, the pressure is off on both of us, we didn't do this till we found out about the 4 tumors, then Gary said to me, we better do this paperwork. He is good, just made me a cuppa and watching a movie, so 4 months after finding out about the multi tumors and no meds except the Keppa ( seizure med) & Dex, he is doing really good. So life is a bitch but having this time is good, so hang in there, don't stress and be strong, take care Lorraine.
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Gee Nat, I'm a comfort eater and I've put about 10 kilos on!!!!
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