Would like to know from anyone who has had similar side effects from Tamoxifen. Loss of concentration and extreme fatigue within one week of commencing drug. Am an emotional wreck, and after managing 6 months of chemo and rads and working part time last year, thought this wouldnt be to bad. Breast care nurse adv to stop taking it till I see the Onc tomorrow, but am guessing whatever I end up with will be similar. Onc dont like to give timeframes, but after a huge last year with enormous financial impacts I have to have some idea from others who have suffered similar effects. Thanks so much, Mitch.
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Hi Mitch Sorry to read you are having such a hard time with tamoxifen. I dont take that drug but just wanted to say hi anyway, hopefully someone who has or is taking it will jump on in. Julie
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Hi Mitch One of the side effects of any hormone therapy for hormone sensitive cancer can be mood swings, fatigue, concentration problems, short term memory loss, hot flushes, etc., etc. I'm told it's just like going through menopause! Happens to us males as well on hormone therapy. Speak to your Onc about it as they can give you stuff to counter the side effects. Cheers Sailor Any fool can carry on, but a wise man knows how to shorten sail in time. Joseph Conrad
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Thanks for your reply Sailor. Yep spoke to Onc, who had stopped the treatment for 3 months to allow me to recover enough from chemo n rads so I can restart Tamox. at a reduced dose. Unfortuneatly i am one of THOSE people on whom drugs work extremely well, have had issues with both chemo drugs also. Silly me to think I could take this one without any effects. So sadly work has been put on hold as I am just trashed, not happy Jan as i worked through chemo n rads and now when Im sposed to be slowly getting better Ive gone backwards bigtime !!!!!! Hit rock bottom this week, now on antidepressants n trashed all over again. I truly wonder if this is ever going to end. Mitch
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