Whilst visiting with my Dad yesterday, he got a much welcomed visit from a very old and dear friend of his. For the first time since this whole nightmare began, my Dad was happy. He laughed and relaxed and some of his old spirit returned. It was so wonderful to see. There is something to be said for happiness therapy, if only it could make the cancer go away. I just want him to be as happy as he can for as long as possible, a small wish in the scheme of things. You would think the universe would allow those in this kind of situation that. Yesterday was a good day. I can only hope for more tomorrows the same.
Hi DizzyDee, Glad to hear that yesterday was a good day. Laughter is a precious sound indeed. Happiness therapy, I like the sound of that!! All the best for tomorrow, may it hold more laughter and some sunshine too. Jill
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Savour each good day as they come, and try to not linger on the bad days. Laughter is definitely the best medicine, and if you can find other ways to make your dad laugh, it will be easier for him and you. Tomorow is another day, Lots of hugs xoxox s
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Hi DizzyDee, Laughter is the most wonderful therapy! When my father-in-law was in palliative care, we would take him to his home for a few hours. He was very frail and we were careful not to exhaust him during his day out. He loved coming home, he was a very social person and his friends would drop in, sit down and chat to him. One of his nicknames was “Havachat”. He laughed often during those visits home. Stories were retold of people he had met through his life. He seemed to gain energy at home, he even managed to eat a bite or two during the day and snuck in a few sips of his favourite drink. He was in his late 70’s and used to drive the Senior Citizen’s bus, “for the oldies” he used to say 🙂 I don't think he ever considered himself to be an oldie. It was a blessing to see my father-in-law enjoying those visits and the cheeky side of his personality again. Very treasured moments. Yes, tomorrow is a new day, and may it bring more smiles and laughter for you and your dad. Take care, Reindeer xxx
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Hiya Laughter is so important!! We need to remember to appreciate the lighter things in life i think. Glad you had some in your day. Julie
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