My partner has his first MRI today since starting chemo 10 treatments ago.Results when we see Oncologist on 21st Jan.Its the unknowm and the waiting game that gets to you the most.He has bowel cancer that has spread to inumerable tumours in the liver. He is 49 years old.They say they cannot operate so we are keeping our fingers crossed the tumours have shrunk and haven't spread anywhere else. We just want him to be well enough to buy that Motorhome and travel around Australia catching up with friends and family.
Hi caring partner, The waiting game is certainly not a fun 'game'. Do whatever you can that gets you through, I have always found it best to keep as busy as possible (not that I have had a lot of choice in that!) A motorhome travelling around Australia sounds wonderful. Where would you go first? Kind regards, Jill.
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I work 4 days a week and have been trying to keep busy but as we all know your mind wanders back to the cancer frequently. We would like to go from WA to Adelaide where our Son and his wife are having their first baby (our first grandchild) in late Feb. Then on to a sister-in-law in Melbourne,my sister on the Gold Coast and my partners brother in Townsville. Think we could use up about 6 months doing that.We have to keep dreaming. Regards Gail
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Will be thinking of you........ I pray your results are good so you can travel.... Mili
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Hiya Gail Fingers crossed for you ... roll on for when you get your results too and yes waiting for them is just not fun!! Julie
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