I found this site and decided to blog because I have had so little information on people’s experience in similar circumstances in the grand scheme of things. 


I dont one know what kind of thyroid cancer I had eg papillary etc. It was only when I received a helpful email from this sight that it was all laid out for me. So I went back through all the paperwork I have to find out. I found bills, and statements and discharge papers and receipts.


Just now I am radioactive and keeping away from everyone. I was not expecting this when I was told about it a few months ago. I have been off thyroxine since early August I think. Fuzzy brain doesn’t remember like it used to. I was on tertroxyn for a few weeks but finished on 9th September. Since then I forget things, sometimes go completely blank and I get VERY tired. So much so I need a long rest during the day. Having said that I have been teaching swimming whilst in the water.


I think because I do that people don’t understand how beyond thinking and moving I become.


Anyway, I was anxious in the lead up to taking the low dose iodine. I had not considered until the week before that result could show a return of the cancer. I went from tired and blasé to... oh...


I organised the radioactive week as far as work went, and catering for children. My husband went away on business trips he too was exhausted and is going away at the end of the week while I go through settlement on a house we’re buying. More and more plans for him to off somewhere kept coming. In the end in a clumsy way I put my foot down. So now everyone understands and things might be a little less frenetic. What they understand I don’t know - that I am needy? Who knows.


I got a bloody good rest the day I took the iodine (yesterday). And I felt much better. I ignored the phone and the texts and ping ping pinging. I felt much better. I pottered around today and then got bored. Tomorrow-and that’s just brought me back to reality- I will have the scan. I will have to check where I’ll have to be and when. 

I believe the results will be given to me tomorrow. Who knows? No ones told me.


Although lots of things have been told to me, I forget much of it. Nevertheless, the Endocrynologist is very word efficient. He was rather surprised when I asked how long I would have if I did not take thyroxine again and what would be the effects of not taking it. It flashed across his mind that maybe I wouldn’t resume. 


I have been been hanging out to get back on my drug of dependence as have my family. I think we’ve been thinking everything will be back to normal and we can all carry on taking everything for granted.


But frankly, if we don’t make changes, I think he or I will be back at the doctor’s.


wow I’ve gone on a bit. I will post something about the difference returning to thyroxine makes at a later date.

My eyesight is shocking now...

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