Yesterday was R U OK Day in Australia, a day that focuses on checking in with your friends and loved ones, because sometimes a simple conversation is all that it can take to let someone know you care and maybe even potentially save a life.


In the world of cancer, there are days where we are not OK. Whether you're living with cancer, are now cancer-free or are a family member, friend or loved one of someone with cancer, there are definitely days that can be worse than others.


And it is ok to feel this way. You should never feel ashamed or worried about your feelings. The important thing is to not have them or go through periods like this, alone.


The teams on our 13 11 20 information and support telephone service are available 9am-5pm every weekday, right around Australia. This service is the cost of a local phone call anywhere in Australia and is completely confidential. 



They can talk with you and answer any questions you may have about all things cancer. They can even link you with other services if you need them, though these may vary across our states and territories. Think of the 13 11 20 team as the hub or centre of everything that Cancer Council does and offers. Our trained health professionals are more than happy to chat at any time.


If you don't feel like chatting with someone over the phone, our Online Community here, is the perfect place to be!


The Online Community is a safe space for anyone affected by cancer. I work with various teams here at Cancer Council, so we can step in to moderate or provide any extra information and support where needed, which means you are completely supported by us as well as by each other.


You are never alone Heart

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