We're almost through August

Welcome to the August edition of the Cancer Council Online Community newsletter. This month we have some information about the latest webinar, explain what hearts are for and share a great initiative taking place in WA.


Can you believe we're now at 5,785 members? We've welcomed over 100 new members and you've posted over 140 times across the forums over the past month - it's been amazing to see so many stories and experiences being shared.


If you've not yet had the chance to post, jump on in. A great place to start is our introductions thread or our current word association game. You can also check out the latest posts here.


Give a little love

heart.130345.jpgHave you ever noticed a little orange heart below each post?


Similar to hearts on Twitter or even likes on Facebook, giving a post a hearg is a great way of showing your support toward the person who posted it.


Maybe you feel empathy or compassion towards the poster, or you simply like what they have posted. Hearting a post can convey something such as ‘I hear you’, love, sensitivity or support.


So next time you read a post in the Online Community, why not give it a heart?


Webinar: How can I get a good night's sleep?

Sleep-Image1.jpgOur latest webinar, this coming Thursday at 7pm AEST, will discuss some practical strategies to help improve your sleep.


Getting a good night’s sleep is important for maintaining your energy levels, reducing fatigue, and improving mood. Difficulty sleeping may be caused by pain, breathlessness, anxiety or depression. Following a cancer diagnosis your sleep can become disrupted. This might be because you’re worried about being diagnosed with cancer or because of some of the treatment’s side effects.


Find out more about the webinar or register your interest online here.


The Great Vegie Crunch

2018-08-13-greatvegiecrunch.155214.pngCancer Council are encouraging all WA primary schools to sign up and participate in The Great Vegie Crunch.


The event aims to get kids around WA crunching simultaneously on vegies, and to have fun doing it!


So if you have a child or know one that goes to school in WA, encourage them to find out if their school is taking part.


Dates for the diary

For other events local to you, please visit the website for Cancer Council in your state or territory.


Kind Regards,
Kate and the Online Community team.

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