Getting a good night’s sleep is important for maintaining your energy levels, reducing fatigue, and improving mood. Difficulty sleeping may be caused by pain, breathlessness, anxiety or depression. Following a cancer diagnosis your sleep can become disrupted. This might be because you’re worried about being diagnosed with cancer or because of some of the treatment’s side effects.





If you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, your mind is probably occupied with many different thoughts and emotions, and sleep may be low on your list of concerns. But getting a good night’s sleep can improve your quality of life, and make it easier to deal with the other issues you are now facing. This webinar will discuss some practical strategies to help improve your sleep.


You can access the webinar via your computer, tablet or smart phone.


Can't make it? Register anyway, you will be sent a link after the webinar has been completed, to view at your leisure!


This webinar isn't just for suvivors or people living with cancer, but suitable for family, friends and carers as well. If you want to share this with your family and friends, we've attached a handy poster in PDF format - perfect for emailing Smiley Happy

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