Hi everyone, I just felt that I needed to post this as it has made me feel proud of myself. I have been going back to work since I started this new treatment (Folfox) and while I have been managing to complete full days, I haven't really strung any together yet due to medical interruptions. Money and Tuesday , however, I did. i have ended up tired, probably because of other appointments that I needed to attend. The se meant that I didn't get home until 5.00pm. I have one more full day tomorrow. I know I'm tired and have put things in place as a just a case in case thing, but it does excite me. The thought that I should be able to do three days in a row makes me feel good. The other thing I need to add, is that I finished the script for the musical I have been writing ( the music is just classical heavy rock songs from the 80's and 90's). Just need to add the stage directions and then we start the audition process. All goes feel it will go in stage in July. Best thing about this is that it's beats the start of the timeline I was given and I AM going to see this show on stage. take care all Tim
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