I have become very philosophical lately. and my mind turned to the purpose of cancer in this world. Everything that I can think of has a survival instinct that is automatic.If we fall into a river the survival instinct takes over to help us survive and keep our heads above water, the flight or fight adrenaline rush when we feel under threat, even when we are unconscious our bodies first instinct is for the bodies survival. Anti bodies are produced to help us with our infections.Our blood will clot in some circumstances to we do not bleed continuously, This is the same for animals, and for plants that will seal up a cut to prevent moisture loss and infection getting in. Everything seems to have a built in instinct for survival. So I ask myself, what is the point in this world of cancer. It undermines the bodies natural defences by starting of as a single cell and not being recognised by the bodies defences as a threat, its only purpose and intention is to grow in the body and ultimately do its best ( without intervention) to interfere with internal organs of its host. its only purpose its aim, its reason for being, is to destroy the systems that are keeping it alive, but in doing so, it destroys its host and ultimately itself, thus going against all the principles of being, of living, and surviving, even for itself. I can not think of any other organism in the world that only, has the intention of self destruction. Any ideas ?, answers like, god wants them the host for a moonbeam,ray of sunshine, angel or bright star, do not rate. Take care all wombat4
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