Hi Have got my results back an (aggressive cancer) grading T1G3 and now this has been put on the back burner as they are regrading it, in the last 4 weeks my body has had a lot of changes, the lymph node seems to be larger, the left side of my stomach is slightly swollen, my appetite is nearly non existent having to force myself to eat because of smell of cooking and food make me feel real nauseas I have lost nearly 10 kilo since this has all started but I do not know at what stage I started to loose the weight. Tuesday 21st February I have an appointment with medical oncology, also an appointment with radiology for new scans will be next week sometime. If I remember right they are going to do a needle biopsy of the lymph node at the same time. so much information to take in! Friends and family are asking me how I am feeling about the news I do not know how I feel. I do not know if this is a good thing or a bad thing I have not cried,got angry, asked why? is this normal all I can seem to say is 1 day at a time. Andrea
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