Well this week was my second round of treatment on Folfox. I seem to (so far and touch wood) avoided a number of the side effects that are listed and felt really good today and not so bad yesterday. My main day for getting plugged in is Wednesday, so today (Fri) felt good when they unplugged the portapump. It really is a nuisance. Today was in at work for a spell this morning. I have now been back several days, each time managing to last a little longer and have now even successfully completed two full days. I am proud of myself, but know that there will those days when I just flat and not able to do anything much. Probably the best bit of news today, other than everyone telling me that I was looking much better and that the colour was returning to my face, was that I managed to put on weight. I somehow have gained 0.5kg in two days. Not complaining about it though, I needed to. Now I just have to keep it up. The appetite is the major problem. Sometimes I just don't feel like eating, sometimes I do. The banana smoothie has become a really good friend of mine, especially when the energy supplements are mixed in. Easy to drink and fills a spot quite quickly. Hoping to keep building my strength over the weekend so am ready for Monday. Take care all Tim
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