Five and a half weeks of radiotherapy and chemo unsure of how the chemo works as I dont meet with the chemo oncologist until Friday.Have never had a tatoo before always hoped my first one would be when my beloved western bulldogs won a premiership not to be had to have tatoos yesterday as markers for the radio oh well I can still look forward.Does anyone know how the chemo and radio work together,what the side effects may be and ways to get around them.I am following all of everyones great advice and am so glad that this wonderful community is here as the support has been endless and priceless.Huge hugs and wishes to all.
Hi Tina, I can't help you with the chemo side of things but I have had 5 weeks of radiation. I never had a tatoo before either, but my husband has always wanted one so I told him, I beat him to the mark 🙂 When I had mine done though, I felt like I'd been marked for life - bit silly when I had an 6" or 7" scar where they took out my tumor. What sort of cancer do you have? Where is it? I found everyone connected with my radiation to be wonderful. Ask as many questions as you want to. I'm guessing they will tell you to put cream over the radiation area after each zap. Make sure you cover a larger area than they tell you so you are well and truly covered and put the cream on 3 or more times a day if you can. It really makes a big difference to the burn area. I'm not sure how much you've been told about the radiation but ask your oncologist about internal scarring to find out what will happen there. Good luck with it all and keep us posted as to how you are going. Take care
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Hi Tina, You will be waiting a long time to get a tat if you are waiting for the to dogs win a premiership. You may as well get Dockers tat, I think they will get the cup before the dogs. I have heard you can get 6 dogs tats for the cost of a Dockers one. Not sure of the combination of radio and chemo, my wife was on either Folfiri or Oxaliplatin, always with Avastin and those I am familiar with. wombat
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Regarding tatoos ,I have a Facebook friend who has decided to get a tatoo because she and her mother both have cancer. Some anti-cancer thing is what she's thinking about .I'm not a tatoo person but yours is necessary. My marking for radiation was on my mask .
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